My First Ever Blog

Hi!  My name is Larry Spencer.  This is my first ever blog.  Over the years many different people have said that I should write my life story.  Two particular people are my former spouse and still friend Linda Davenport and my daughter Misty Sauer.  I think they’re rather biased.  At least a little bit.

I’m at a stage in life that I would like to share various events in my life that have helped shape me into the person I am today.  Life events such as having been stricken with polio which ranks up there with birth and death, to getting stoned for the first time and being a little weird. Some people will say that the weird is neither past tense or little. But I digress.

I will also share how I have learned to do things with one hand that probably are not taught in books. Some entries will be about different jobs that I had. Even one that according to government guidelines I should not have been able to do. But thanks to friends I was able to.

I have met many amazing people along this road called life. I will share how these people influenced my life. Some added a little bit and others heaps.

There will be pictures when they are available. Some factual to the story others just as visual accent to that story. My life has not been boring to me and I hope that you find it interesting. At least more than watching paint dry.



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